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Written by Anthony Congi

APRIL 23, 2024

With Spring officially underway, we’re excitedly looking ahead to Evanta’s nine CHRO Executive Summits slated for April, May and June. Each Executive Summit agenda is carefully curated to reflect the priorities and challenges highlighted by our regional CHRO communities through their annual Leadership Perspective Survey. 

Longtime participants of Evanta’s CHRO Executive Summits expect to hear thought leadership from their peers and trusted solution partners. Each season, they also await the opportunity to network in person with leading HR executives with the goal of building and growing their communities. 

As one Dallas-based CHRO said, “Year over year the event continues to be valuable for me, and it's the one event I make sure to choose above some others to attend.”

Here’s a preview of a few sessions we’re working on for Spring CHRO Executive Summits:

  1. Taking Employees to New Heights at the Atlanta CHRO Executive Summit

To unlock the power of the workforce, CHROs must apply employee-driven strategies, investing in workers’ skills and career development. In this keynote, Delta Air Lines VP and CHRO Joanne Smith will demonstrate how to empower leaders to become effective culture carriers. She will also address promoting internal mobility and career pathing, as well as leveraging AI for employee opportunity and experience.

  1. Impress for Success — the Path from CHRO to CEO at the New York CHRO Executive Summit

In a post-pandemic world, talent management priorities are providing a key opportunity for CHROs to enhance their position as leaders and strategic partners. In this keynote session, Michele Meyer-Shipp will discuss how her time in chief diversity and chief human resources officer roles took her down an uncommon path to become CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide. Michelle will share her lessons learned, advice for positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and strategic approaches to support innovation.

  1. What's Next in HR Tech & Analytics at the San Francisco CHRO Executive Summit

In the competitive Bay Area market, many organizations strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and data utilization. But when it comes to HR specifically, insufficient talent analytics capabilities and challenges with tehnological implementation can limit impact. In an interactive discussion, Claire Zhang, Vice President of People at Samsung Electronics, will discuss how to optimize people technology and analytics to drive business results.

  1. Beyond the Comfort Zone — Avon's Journey to Psychological Safety at the UK & Ireland CHRO Executive Summit

In today's dynamic workplace, creating an environment where individuals feel safe and can bring their whole selves to work is paramount. Michelle Parczuk, chief people officer at Avon, knows first-hand the importance of partnership between leaders and employees to achieve this. In this session, Michelle will share how to use data to drive change, communicate psychological safety within teams and focus on inclusive leadership.

  1. Embrace, Evolve, Excel — Creating Exceptional Teams as Technology Sets the Pace at the Australia CHRO Executive Summit

With continuous enhancements to technology, the world of work is changing, ushering in new skills. At Commonwealth Bank of Australia, executives hope to keep up by evolving its purpose, brand, values and strategy. In this keynote session, the head of HR at CBA shares how she’s cultivating a culture of continuous learning, fostering new leadership mindsets and maximizing workforce potential.

  1. Solving Workforce Disparities and Building a More Accessible Ladder at the Vancouver, BC CHRO Executive Summit

By turning data into actionable insights, CHROs can work to close the gap in pay, opportunity and workforce accessibility for women and minorities. Joining forces, Ledcor’s SVP of Human Resources and the CHRO for Washington State will discuss how HR leaders can make a meaningful impact on organizational policy and the corporate ladder. In this session, community members will learn more about capabilities to track inequities, as well as using data to tell a story and design a roadmap to achieve desired outcomes.

  1. To Be Continued… HR’s Transformative Future at the Boston CHRO Executive Summit

With frequent disruptions to the labor market, from technology or other factors, organizations must keep the pace to stay competitive. Modern CHROs should create a scalable infrastructure to navigate the changing landscape effectively. In this panel discussion, HR leaders from Schneider Electric North America, Takeda and UNFI come together to share case studies on workforce trends, planning for workforce shifts and equipping employees with the proper skills to do the work.

  1. Increasing HR's Influence Through Moments of Transition at the Minneapolis CHRO Executive Summit

Executive transitions can introduce uncertainty and risk and cause confusion about what an organization expects of its leaders. In this session, Sue Ross, SVP and CHRO for Maurices Incorporated, will discuss the pivotal role HR leaders play in helping new leaders understand existing culture and values, while ensuring organizational stability. This session will explore building transition plans, navigating key relationships and preparing the workforce for change.

  1. Enhancing Employee Experience Through Job Architecture and Organizational Design at the Dallas CHRO Executive Summit

When it comes to job architecture and organizational design, both are crucial to the employee experience. Aligning these priorities can lead to clearer career paths, equitable compensation and a more engaged workforce. In this session Jack Henry & Associates’ Chief People Officer Holly Novak will share how to optimize the employee experience, improving workplace satisfaction and performance.

These sessions are just a snapshot of all that we’re working on for HR leaders in our communities. You can read more about what CHROs are prioritizing in 2024 in our recent blog post, Top 3 Areas of Focus for CHROs in 2024

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