Vancouver, BC CHRO Executive Summit

June 6, 2023 | Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel

June 6, 2023
Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel

Collaborate with your peers

Get together with Vancouver, BC's top CHROs to tackle shared business challenges and critical priorities facing your role today. Participate in this one-day, local program with peer-driven topics and interactive discussions with your true C-level peers.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CHROs today:

Building a leadership bench to withstand disruption

Fostering a shared culture in the new world of work

Acting on diversity, equity and inclusion commitments

Vancouver, BC CHRO Governing Body

The Governing Body Co-Chairs shape the summit agenda, ensuring that all content is driven by CHROs, for CHROs.

Governing Body Co-Chairs

Jenine Ellefson

Vice President, Human Resources - North America

Jacquie Pylypiuk

Capital Power
SVP, People, Culture and Technology

Carolynn Ryan

BC Hydro
Senior VP People & Chief Human Resources Officer

Chris Taylor

Best Buy Canada

Kim Toews

HSBC Bank Canada
EVP & Head of Human Resources

What to Expect

Interactive Sessions

Hear from CHRO practitioners and thought leaders on how they're solving critical challenges impacting your role today in Keynote sessions, and join smaller, interactive discussions with your peers in Breakout and Boardroom sessions.

Community Networking

Make new connections and catch up with old friends in casual conversations during dedicated time for networking designed to better acquaint you with your Vancouver, BC CHRO community.

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a private, one-on-one setting through Evanta's Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.


June 5, 2023

6:00pm - 8:30pm  Governing Body Welcome Reception

Governing Body Welcome Reception

Governing Body members host this dinner for attendees to launch the event with an evening of peer networking.

7:45am - 8:30am  Registration & Breakfast

8:30am - 9:15am  Keynote

Crafting an EVP to Live By

Jaci Edgeworth headshot

Jaci Edgeworth

Chief Human Resources Officer


If your board asked what your employees value most about their experience with your organization, would you know the answer? An educated guess is not enough to build a truly transformational employee value proposition. CHROs must be able to provide current and prospective employees with a compelling – and verifiable – commitment to attract new employees and deliver employee satisfaction.

In this keynote session you will learn to:

  • Engage your workforce to meet ever-changing expectations
  • Create a lasting employee value proposition your organization can fully live up to and deliver a meaningful employee experience
  • Use the employee value proposition to attract the right candidates for your roles

9:15am - 9:40am  Networking Break

9:40am - 10:25am  Breakout Session

Getting the Edge – Creative Solutions to Capture Top Talent

Kim Toews headshot

Kim Toews

EVP & Head of Human Resources

HSBC Bank Canada

Elena Bobyreva headshot

Elena Bobyreva

Director of HR


Helen Sheridan headshot

Helen Sheridan

Chief Human Resources Officer

STEMCELL Technologies

Amid labor and skills shortages, larger companies are implementing expensive benefits initiatives, sign-on bonuses and wage hikes to attract new talent. But when there's no room in the budget for such investments, how can you optimize the resources you do have to incentivize job-seekers to choose your organization over others?

In this session, HR leaders will explore:

  • Creating an action plan to attract top talent and stand out in a crowded job market
  • Driving interest and engagement through grassroots efforts
  • Rethinking traditional recruitment methods amid changing labor demographics

9:40am - 10:25am  Executive Boardroom

Advancing Mental Health Equity

Dr. Joby McKenzie headshot

Dr. Joby McKenzie

Managing Director, Canada

Teladoc Inc

Michaela Doelman headshot

Michaela Doelman


State of Washington

Deloris Hetherington headshot

Deloris Hetherington

Vice President, Human Resources

Flint Energy Services

Mental health challenges affect everyone, but historically underrepresented groups face disparities in gaining equitable access to care. How can your organization promote mental health equity, deliver culturally aware care and support high-quality health outcomes for all?

Join this session to discuss how to:

  • Navigate the multifaceted realm of equity and how it fits into your overall DE&I strategy
  • Recognize social factors limiting healthcare access, including stigma
  • Understand employee needs and reduce barriers to care

9:40am - 10:25am  Executive Boardroom

The Role of HR in Organization Design

Shawn Needham headshot

Shawn Needham

VP, Human Resources

Georgia Main Food Group

Katherine Graham headshot

Katherine Graham

Chief Officer, Communications and People

BC College of Nurses and Midwives

With workforces changing rapidly, it’s never been more important to have a secure organization design strategy. HR leaders around the globe are transforming their approach to put employees at the heart of the enterprise, break down siloes and maximize efficiency. How are CHROs successfully executing these changes while communicating transparently?

Join this session to discuss:

  • Reevaluating organization design and identifying friction
  • Maintaining clear and concise communication with employees
  • Adapting to new ways of working with structural change

10:25am - 11:00am  Networking Break

10:30am - 10:55am  Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a one-on-one setting through Evanta’s Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.

11:00am - 11:45am  Breakout Session

Why Your Talent Needs Community and Recognition Now

Alexander Lovell, PhD headshot

Alexander Lovell, PhD

Director, Research and Assessment

O.C. Tanner

Creating a strong workplace community is essential to meet the evolving challenges of 2023. Yet, new research from the O.C. Tanner Institute reveals how burnout and isolation among leaders and employees are threatening culture and organizational success. These challenges need fresh strategies to create a thriving workplace community.

Join this session to learn: 

  • Insights from the perspectives of 38,000 leaders and employees worldwide
  • Best practices for fortifying leaders and growing generalists in an era of change
  • Ways symbolic, integrated recognition create a strong sense of community for all

11:00am - 11:45am  Executive Boardroom

Empowering Employees Through Learning & Development

Jenine Ellefson headshot

Jenine Ellefson

Vice President, Human Resources - North America


Caroline Schein headshot

Caroline Schein

VP, People & Culture


Jason Downing headshot

Jason Downing

Head of Human Resources & Safety

MOWI Canada West

Less than half of employees agree the learning their employer provides is relevant to them, according to Gartner research. CHROs must hone their approach, putting employee needs at the center of their learning and development efforts to cultivate essential skills and a motivated workforce.

Join this session to discuss:

  • Assessing your organization’s current learning and development ecosystem
  • Designing human-centric skill development programs
  • Supporting employees’ whole-career growth to promote retention while filling urgent skill gaps

11:00am - 11:45am  Executive Boardroom

What Does Leadership Mean Today?

Anita Bhandari headshot

Anita Bhandari


City of Burnaby

Doug Sheaffer headshot

Doug Sheaffer

Chief Human Resource Officer

Paper Excellence

Kristy Pennock headshot

Kristy Pennock

Vice President, People & Culture

O2E Brands

CHROs are continually asked to adjust to new workplace trends, reset business priorities and develop leaders. But a partial or mostly online culture has changed what it means to be a leader. Added to the fact that employee expectations, change fatigue and attrition remains high; how are CHROs building their current leaders while building a firm pipeline?

In this session CHROs will discuss:

  • Alignment of leadership capability and employee expectations
  • Trends impacting the workforce and shaping organizational priorities
  • Current leadership challenges and necessary adjustments

11:45am - 12:30pm  Lunch Service

12:30pm - 1:05pm  Keynote

Keeping Employees Healthy, Productive and Present

Paula Allen headshot

Paula Allen

Global Leader and Senior Vice President, Research and Client Insights

TELUS Health

Mikie Bodnar headshot

Mikie Bodnar

Benefits Manager

Winnebago Industries

Dr. Matthew Chow headshot

Dr. Matthew Chow

Chief Mental Health Officer

TELUS Health

In a people-powered economy, health and wellbeing are essential components of sustainable business strategies and critical to success. Employers hold a unique responsibility in supporting an individual’s health and wellbeing, spanning physical, mental and financial health. How are leaders prioritizing their people to ensure the longevity of their organizations?

Join this session to learn about:  

  • Key issues impacting the total health and wellbeing of your workforce and how to address them
  • Striking a balance between employee expectations and economic and social factors
  • Diversifying, expanding and updating programs beyond the traditional view of wellness

1:05pm - 1:30pm  Break

1:30pm - 2:15pm  Breakout Session

DEI Isn't a Department – It's a Leadership Mandate

Janelle Aaker headshot

Janelle Aaker

Chief Equity & People Officer


Driving meaningful and sustainable action on diversity, equity and inclusion will require more than leadership buy-in. It calls for bold action and advocacy across the C-suite. Vancity's Chief Equity and People Officer Janelle Aaker is transforming culture by applying an equity lens to every aspect of the organization.

Join this session to hear examples of:

  • How the CEO-CHRO relationship shapes attitudes and momentum on DEI priorities
  • Disrupting traditional strategy with an equity-centered approach to all functions of HR
  • Overhauling existing programs to address systemic bias

1:30pm - 2:15pm  Breakout Session

Navigating Economic Uncertainty

Henry Siu, Ph.D. headshot

Henry Siu, Ph.D.

Professor, Vancouver School of Economics

University of British Columbia

To survive economic turbulence, HR leaders need to stay up to date on the dynamic landscape and the talent implications resulting from changes in the global economy. With inflation and recessionary concerns still top of mind, it’s more important than ever to make informed decisions.

In this session, Dr. Henry Siu with the Vancouver School of Economics will address:

  • Current market trends and the latest macroeconomic outlook
  • Factors influencing ongoing economic uncertainty
  • The impact of shifting attitudes and expectations of the labor force

1:30pm - 2:15pm  Executive Boardroom

Keeping Up – HR and Process Automation

Linda Palladino headshot

Linda Palladino

VP, Human Resources & Development

Enbridge Gas

Jacquie Pylypiuk headshot

Jacquie Pylypiuk

SVP, People, Culture and Technology

Capital Power

The world of work as we know it is shifting as automation and artificial intelligence become more widely available and scalable. As organizations are pushed into change by technological innovations, how can CHROs maximize the opportunities for automation?

Join this session to discuss:

  • Identifying opportunities and forming a technology adoption strategy for the HR function
  • Communicating the business decision to adopt HR technologies
  • Understanding how automated technology adoption will impact the workforce

1:30pm - 2:15pm  Executive Boardroom

Elevating the Employee Experience

Louise Bender headshot

Louise Bender

VP, People & Administration

Mosaic Forest Management

Deborah Best headshot

Deborah Best


BlueShore Financial

Naz Kullar headshot

Naz Kullar

Director, People & Culture

Trotman Auto Group

As organizations adapt to remain competitive amidst rapid change, it is key to keep employee experience at the center of your HR strategy. With an abundance of new and innovative ways to elevate the worker experience, HR leaders must not only create and implement these; but also connect with their workforce on which styles reflect them best.

Join this session as CHROs discuss:

  • How new technologies can transform employee experience
  • The importance of evolving your HR strategy around workers’ wants and needs
  • Addressing employee sentiment in the flow of work

2:15pm - 2:50pm  Networking Break

2:20pm - 2:45pm  Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Peer-to-Peer Meetings

Connect with like-minded peers in a one-on-one setting through Evanta’s Peer-to-Peer Meetings. You will be matched with peers in your community based on your shared interests and priorities.

2:50pm - 3:35pm  Breakout Session

Let's Crowdsource – Pulling the Right Levers for Retention

Lydia Tay headshot

Lydia Tay

Vice President, Human Resources

FirstService Residential

A high-turnover environment persists as CHROs also work to balance a hypercompetitive labor market, economic strain and permanent changes to work models. To hold onto valuable and scarce talent, it will take more targeted strategies to appeal to different subsets of employees.

Join this interactive session ready to:

  • Share how you're identifying and acting on attrition risks
  • Explore retention strategies beyond compensation
  • Problem-solve with peers and consider new approaches to talent challenges

2:50pm - 3:35pm  Executive Boardroom

How Mindful Managers Can Create Healthier Environments

Scott Domann headshot

Scott Domann

Chief People Officer


Chris Taylor headshot

Chris Taylor


Best Buy Canada

Alan Caputo headshot

Alan Caputo

VP, Human Resources

West Fraser

A recent survey shows workplace stress levels soared in 2022, with managers being a leading cause to the problem. How can HR leaders foster less stressful environments and support their employees while driving engagement, productivity and retention?

In this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • The latest research on workplace stress and burnout
  • Why training mindful managers is the first step to developing a mentally healthy workforce
  • Actionable strategies to help leaders regulate their emotions and lead with empathy

2:50pm - 3:35pm  Executive Boardroom

Pay Transparency in BC and Beyond

Carolynn Ryan headshot

Carolynn Ryan

Senior VP People & Chief Human Resources Officer

BC Hydro

Andrea Cadogan headshot

Andrea Cadogan

VP, People

FortisBC Energy

Angela Champ headshot

Angela Champ

SVP Human Resources

Alpine Building Maintenance

With a patchwork of pay transparency and equity proposals in Canada and the United States, companies will need to ensure compliance, ready or not. CHROs can use these emerging regulations as an opportunity to proactively advance pay transparency strategies, improve their organization’s reputation and earn employee trust.

Join this session to discuss:

  • Assessing current pay transparency policies and salary frameworks
  • Communicating with employees and equipping managers to field compensation questions
  • Identifying and evaluating pay inequities 

3:35pm - 4:00pm  Break

4:00pm - 4:35pm  Keynote

Transitioning to a More Human Workplace

James Barnes headshot

James Barnes

Transition Coach

Guest Speaker

Today’s workforce demands leaders take a more human approach, seeing and respecting employees’ full selves while supporting their well-being. However, few employees believe their managers lead with authenticity, and fear of being vulnerable in a business environment persists. James Barnes, known as “The Trans Coach”, uses storytelling and practical insights to help you build an inclusive organizational culture through empathy and understanding.

In this session, gain insight into:

  • Implementing small changes for a big impact on employee engagement, retention and DE&I goals
  • Understanding employee needs and creating a psychologically safe work environment
  • Developing human-centered leaders to ensure business success

4:35pm - 5:00pm  Closing Reception & Prize Drawing

June 5, 2023

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