7 Must-See Sessions at CDAO Executive Summits

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Written by Emily Allen

APRIL 30, 2024

After a busy start to 2024, Evanta’s CDAO community members are eager to come together to compare strategies, expand their networks and take a moment to reset.

After countless conversations with Chief Data and Analytics Officers across our 11 North American communities, several key themes have emerged. First, GenAI continues to have the technology world abuzz. However, data and analytics leaders are still cautioning a more measured approach and urging business partners to ensure foundational data practices, like governance and quality, are dialed before jumping into GenAI use cases. 

Similarly, a focus on the core components of data and analytics strategy will be top of mind for CDAOs throughout the year. Finally, with the AI moment comes more pressure for the CDAO to perform and earn a seat at the C-suite table.

With six CDAO Executive Summits beginning in May, each of these themes and more will be featured on our agendas. Take a look at what's to come.

  1. Transparency & Responsibility — Forging the GenAI Path at the Southern California CDAO Executive Summit

Sam Hamilton, Head of Data & AI at Visa, will deliver a keynote exploring his approach to data in the new age of AI. Sam will explore how to accelerate GenAI opportunities while still preparing the organization for risks and executing with  responsibility and transparency.

  1. Unfiltered Truth — Breaking Down Barriers in Data Storytelling at the Boston CDAO Executive Summit

Join this session to hear a dynamic conversation between Joseph Dery, VP & Dean of Analytics at Western Governors University, and Kamal Distell, VP & Head of Data Analytics and Data Science at Toyota Motor North America. 

Together, they will explore how data and analytics leaders can leverage storytelling to connect data objectives with business outcomes.

  1. Navigating Uncharted Waters — Thriving as a CDO in IT-Centric Seas at the Washington, D.C. CDAO Executive Summit

As a tenured Chief Data Officer, Jonathan Beris will share his journey of navigating his organization’s data management from IT-centered and siloed to business-centric and modern.

Along the way, he’ll provide a glimpse into the challenges he faced and how he overcame resistance, drove meaningful culture change and positioned data as a strategic value-add to the business. 

  1. Developing Next-Generation Analytics and AI Strategy at the New York CDAO Executive Summit

2024 is proving to be a pivotal moment for CDAOs. Pfizer’s Chief Commercial Analytics Officer Xingchu Liu will delve into his approach on how to prepare for the impact of generative AI and how to continue innovating in a competitive data landscape.

Xingchu Will share techniques to reskill talent, deliver impactful D&A initiatives and review promising technology trends in D&A.

  1. Law & Order — Unveiling AI's Legal Boundaries at the Minneapolis CDAO Executive Summit

While the technology behind AI progresses at exponential rates, the laws and regulations that govern them are much slower. AI, cybersecurity and IP law expert Eran Kahan will share what CDAOs need to know when implementing AI policies and how to stay ahead of an evolving regulatory landscape.

  1. Telling Your Data Story at the Dallas CDAO Executive Summit

The way data is communicated can stand as a barrier for gaining leadership buy-in for data and analytics initiatives. Join Scott Taylor, “The Data Whisperer,” for a takedown of current buzzwords and some practical tips to revamp your data speak and storytelling abilities. 

  1. CDAO Agenda 2024 — Reinvent or Become Irrelevant at the Dallas CDAO Executive Summit

The 2024 Gartner CDAO Agenda Survey shows that with the acceleration of generative AI, CDAOs need to rapidly reinvent themselves as drivers of business innovation. In this keynote, Nate Novosel, Vice President - Data & Analytics Research & Advisory at Gartner will discuss three major trends identified in the Gartner 2024 CDAO Agenda Survey results.

These sessions reflect the top priorities for D&A leaders, which you can read more about here

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